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Quest School Bahrain

Quest School Social Campaign

An engaging motion graphic advertisement was created specifically for social media platforms to showcase the school’s campus in a captivating […]

Volkswagen Dub Drive 2020

Dub Drive 2020

Highlights from the 2020 Dub Drive event, more than 400 Cars and 5clubs from around the GC meet at the

Compare Bahrain Best Price

Social Media Campaign

A weekly social media campaign showcasing the most in-demand electronic products requested through the service. Utilizing three formats to cater

Rowad Al Khaleej Schools

Rowad Al Khaleej

A dynamic & kinetic social media motion graphics campaign ad aimed at parents to interest them in registering their kids

Volkswagen Dub Drive 2019

Dub Drive 2019

Volkswagen Club Bahrain’s participation at the 2019 Dub Drive event, more than 300 Cars and 5 clubs from around the