My Designs

American University of Bahrain

The universities website was redesigned with a primary focus on mobile accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance the user experience and drive organic traffic. The mobile-first approach involved creating web design that minimized the need for resizing, scrolling, and panning on different screen sizes, making it user-friendly for mobile device users. This ensured that the website was optimized for smartphones and tablets, which are increasingly popular for internet browsing.

Alongside the mobile-first approach, the redesign also prioritized SEO to improve the website’s organic ranking. This involved optimizing the website for search engines using keywords, meta tags, descriptions, and URLs. The content structure was also optimized to make it easily understandable for search engines, facilitating their crawling and indexing of the website’s pages.

By implementing the mobile-first approach and SEO optimization, the website experienced a significant increase in organic traffic. The improved user experience and optimized structure resulted in higher rankings on search engine result pages, attracting more organic traffic. Ultimately, the redesign with these approaches in mind greatly improved the website’s performance, user experience, engagement, and rankings which in term led to an increase in student registrations.